1.  The Aim

1.1. By this Agreement, the student contracts educational services relating to the teaching of the English language provided by the First Speaker.

1.2. The services provided by First Speaker consist of a communicative method of the English language with the aim of developing writing, reading, listening, speaking and grammar skills, consisting of live virtual classes.

1.3 First Speaker is committed to presenting development possibilities to students in a flexible way, without being limited to course time or book completion.

2. Program

2.1. The student hereby declares that he / she wishes to contract the selected Program whose values will not be adjusted before the end of the period chosen by the Contractor. The First Speaker, however, does not guarantee that prices will remain the same in the future if the Contractor wishes to re-contract the Program.

2.2. If the Student wishes to change the Course Program, such change may be requested by sending an email to and it may present a Program change fee of NZD 20.00 plus adjustment if the Program present different prices.

3. The Course

3.1. The General English Course consists of 06 (six) rotating modules: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Advance.

3.1.1. The Course has rotating modules meaning that the student can start their classes when the class is no longer at the beginning of the book.

3.1.2. The completion of the book used in the module will not mean the student's moving to the next module. The module-up  happens through testing, and if the student does not reach the required score, he/she will continue in the module.

3.1.3. The student may be invited to take a test to a higher level at any time if the teacher deems it suitable.

3.1.4. The decision regarding the module in which the student will be placed rests solely and exclusively with the First Speaker, and there is no possibility of any kind of complaint by the student.

3.2. First Speaker will not set a specific deadline for the student to complete the Course, so that such action will depend directly on the Program chosen, as well as his/her academic performance according to the First Speaker's evaluation criteria.

3.3. Course classes will have the following characteristics:

3.3.1. Live online classes:

(i) will have the duration in accordance with the Program chosen by the student;

(ii) may have their days and times changed by the student during the Course, by giving notice to the First Speaker, by email, at least 14 days in advance and if there is a vacancy in another time;

(iii) will have a lateness tolerance of up to 10 (ten) minutes;

(iv) there will be no possibility of class replacement if the student is unable to attend the class;

(v) if the First Speaker is unable to deliver a class, a replacement, in agreement with all participants will be rescheduled. If such reschedule is not possible, the next payment will be discounted according to the percentage that the loss represents.

4. Registration

4.1. The student's registration will be conditioned to the following acts:

(i) carrying out a level test, so that the First Speaker can evaluate in which Module the student should start the Course, according to his own evaluation criteria, with the exception of students who start in the Beginner module;

(ii) selecting the dates and times on which the Course will be taken;

(iii) signing of this Agreement.

5. The Level Changing

5.1 The student will be able to change levels if there is a presence of 70% or more and when he reaches a score equal to 75% or more in the level test.

5.1 If the student fails the test, the student can take the test again in 14 days. In case the failure is repeated, the student must wait for the indication by the teacher, for a new test.

5.2 See clauses 3.1.2; 3.1.3; 3.1.4; 3.2 for more information about level changing.

5.3 The teacher might ask the student to move to a higher or lower level within the first two weeks if the teacher deems that the student has not been allocated in the right level by the level test taken during registration.

6. Student Obligations

6.1. It is the student's obligation:

(i) attend the Course classes and actively participate in the activities with discipline, dedication and respect;

(ii) make the payments to which you are subject in the form and dates agreed in this Agreement, regardless of your failure to attend classes;

(iii) keep up to date with First Speaker rules.

6.2 In the event of failure by the student to fulfill his obligations, the First Speaker may determine the end of this contract. If such action occurs, the payment amount to be settled will be proportionally up to the date of termination of the contract.